The Band
The Band *Power *

Andreas "Andi" Deris
Vocals Since 1994 - Present

Name: Andreas Deris
Birthdate: August 18, 1964
Birthplace: Karlsruhe, Germany
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Civil State: Single
Musical Influences: Sweet, Kiss, Deep Purple, Aerosmith
Favourite Albums: Rainbow-Long Live Rock & Roll, Kiss-Double Platinum, The Cult-Sonic Temple,Aerosmith-Nine Lives
Favorite Musicians: Paul Stanley-Kiss
Favorite Guitarist: Brian May-Queen
Favorite Bass Player: Marcus Grosskopf
Favorite Drummer: Uli Kusch
Favorite Singer: Freddy Mercury


Sole survivor (with Weikath)
Where the Rain Grows (with Weikath)
Perfect Gentleman (with Weikath)
In the Middle of a Heartbeat (with Weikath)

Can't fight your desire

Star invasion (with Weikath)

We burn
Steel Tormentor (with Weikath)
Wake up the mountain (with Kusch)
Forever and One (Neverland)
Before the war
A million to one (with Kusch)
Anything my mama don't like (with Kusch)
The Time of the Oath (with Grapow)
Still I don't Know (with Grosskopf)
Take it to the limit (with Kusch)

Light in the sky
Time goes by

Hey Lord!
Push (with Weikath - Kusch)
Falling Higher ath)
Don't Spit on my Mind (with Grosskopf)
Revelation (with Kusch)
I Can (with Weikath)
A Handful of Pain (with Kusch)
Back on the Ground (with Kusch)

Behind The Portal (Intro)
Mirror Mirror
If I Could Fly
I Live For Your Pain
We Damn The Night
Madness of The Crowds